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  • Who is Dental Specialists of America? +

    Dental Specialists of America, LLC is a professional corporation that develops and provides specialty dental services to group dental practices throughout the country. President/CEO Dr. Richard B. Liposky is a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon with extensive experience in clinical practice and business development. His team of professionals are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to your patients and your practice.

  • What do we do? +

    DSA provides expert consultation for the development and operation of an in house specialty service. DSA recruits specialists and support staff for the practice and oversees the daily operation of the specialty service. Our service is designed to be as transparent as possible, to not upset the daily operations of the existing dental practice. Each office is unique. Dr. Liposky and his staff will evaluate the practice and determine the amount of referral revenue that can be recaptured with an in house specialty service.

  • Who do we serve? +

    Small to large group practices can benefit from our service. Our goal is to develop profit centers in dental practices by redirecting referral patterns back into the practice. The average dentist refers between $20,000 and $100,000 a month out of his practice. The average practice with two full time dentists and three full time hygienists will refer out approximately $40,000 per month. While most practices do not need full time specialists, our service can provide daily, weekly, or monthly specialty coverage.

  • What are the benefits of an in house Specialty Service? +

    Benefit to the patient:

    1. The patient is retained in the familiar practice setting
    2. The patient often can see the specialist for immediate consultation
    3. The appointment for the consult can be made at the time of the request for the consultation rather than depending on the patient to call the specialty office
    4. Creates a profit center for the practice
    5. Combined procedures can be accomplished during same visit
    6. The general dentist can consult with specialist in person.

    Benefit to practice:

    1. Practice builder
    2. Patients stay within the practice
    3. Builds patient confidence in the practice
    4. Creates profit center for the practice
    5. Source of referrals during the same visit
    6. Expands treatment modalities of the practice with the specialist in person.
  • Where do we provide these services? +

    DSA will provide the specialty services within the existing practice facility. Based on the evaluation of the facility, modifications to accommodate the specialty may be required. It is our goal to be as transparent as possible. A minimum of two rooms are required for a specialist. Surgeons will be most productive with two rooms for surgery and two additional rooms for consultations.

  • How do we implement and provide these services? +

    The following is the general protocol for implementing a specialty service.

    1. Consultation and site visit to determine needs and feasibility of service
    2. Make recommendations for equipment and special modifications
    3. Assemble professional team for your practice
    4. Credential specialists with third party providers if required
    5. Determine start up date
    6. Request all permits, licenses and inspections
    7. Order specialty equipment
    8. Complete equipment setup, staff training, and emergency protocols
    9. Start to treat patients
    10. Reassess progress monthly/quarterly.
  • What next: contact us for interview and site visit. If I am interested, what do I do? +

    Contact Dr Liposky and request an interview and onsite visit. Once we know your needs and how we can help you develop the specialty service, we can determine the investment that will be required and the timeline for implementation and start up for the service.

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